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Update: 2018-05-15 16:43:39

Rental: 1500

Code: 15

Area: 99 m2

Bedroom: 2

Bathroom: 2

Furniture: Yes

Floors: 10

Building: Apartment for rent in Star Hill

Category: Apartment for rent in District 7

Details of property 99M-2BEDROOM-1500

A beautiful apartment in HUNG PHUC for salet with a stunning view and modernize furniture.

* Located in center of District 7, it has a comprehensive development infrastructure. Highlights of the apartment when lying on the river and Saigon South Golf Course, making the space close to nature. * Fully equipped gymnasium: swimming pool, BBQ area, children is playroom, Gym room, flower garden. * No traffic jams as well as air pollution. * The apartment is located on the 4th floor, including 2 large bedrooms, 2 wc, 1 living rooms. * Each room has ample space with modern luxury furniture. It is the ideal choice for your family! * Size: 99 sqm * Price: $ 1500

Không gian và không khí sống là rất quan trọng, Happy Home Real Estate Company đã tìm thấy nhiều sản phẩm đáp ứng như vậy tại Apartment for rent in District 7, tiêu biểu cho một căn hộ có không gian sống xanh với không khí trong lành đó là sản phẩm mang tên 99M-2BEDROOM-1500. Thật vậy! Khi chúng ta được sống tại nơi có chất lượng không khí cao, thì cuộc sống chở nên tốt đẹp hơn rất nhiều, điều này bạn có thể tham khảo thêm nhiều sản phẩm khác tại Apartment for rent, tây đây các bạn sẽ luôn thảo súc xem thêm nhiều sản phẩm khác, với điều này hy vọng bạn sẽ tìm thấy sản phẩm ưng ý đúng với những gì bạn muốn Apartment for rent in Star Hill.

Location map of the 99M-2BEDROOM-1500

Other Properties of 99M-2BEDROOM-1500

 Hung Phuc looking to rent an apartment:
* Area: 99m2 --------------------------- For rent: 1500 USD / month
Near school, hospital, only 5 ~ 10 minutes to RMIT, Ton Duc Thang University, Police University.
* Many amenities such as swimming pool, tennis court, golf course ...
* Environment is clean, smoke free, pollution as well as traffic jam
* Has been paid 30% of the house price
Please call us for advice: 091 400 2700 (Mr. Huyen)
or 093

  • Area: 99 m2
  • Bedroom: 2
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Furniture: Yes
  • Floors: 10
  • Coed: 15
  • 1500
  • Detail

281 6867 (Mr. Tan-English)

 Apartment for rent in StarHill 
* Gorgeous interior, 3 big bedrooms
* Air without pollution, no traffic jam
* 5 minutes to RMIT, Ton Duc Thang University
* 10 minutes to go to hospital, supermarket, primary and secondary school
Please contact 0979354481 - Linh

  • Area: 98 m2
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Furniture: Yes
  • Floors: 2
  • Coed: 24
  • 1000
  • Detail

 The layout of the apartment is simple, but it blends in with the modern style of the apartments in the West. This $ 1100 apartment has a very unique, simple decor that looks very close to nature and blends modernity with it. In addition, you can also exercise with a swimming pool, gym, tennis court or relax in the hanging garden ... Around the apartment there are many commercial centers, restaurants, coffee shops, banks. shopping, supermarket

  • Area: 94 m2
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Furniture: Yes
  • Floors: 3
  • Coed: 07
  • 1100
  • Detail

.. very convenient for shopping everyday, for business if you want or sometimes just have a good evening with relatives and family. Moreover, apartments are guaranteed 24/24, you can rest assured about your life. Hotline: Ms Vy 0911 683 386 Email:

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